PO and PSO

Programme Outcome (PO)  - BSc Mathematics
PO 1. Critical Thinking
  • Acquire the ability to apply the basic tenets of logic and science to thoughts, actions and interventions
  • Develop the ability to chart out a progressive direction for actions and interventions by learning to recognize the presence of hegemonic ideology within certain dominant notions.
  • Develop self-critical abilities and also the ability to view positions, problems and social issues from plural perspectives.
PO 2.Effective Citizenship:
  • Learn to participate in nation building by adhering to the principles of sovereignty of the nation, socialism, secularism, democracy and the values that guide a republic.
  • Develop and practice gender sensitive attitudes, environmental awareness,empathetic social awareness about various kinds of marginalisation and the ability to understand and resist various kinds of discriminations.
  • Internalise certain highlights of the nation’s and region’s history. Especially of the freedom movement, the renaissance within native societies and the project of modernisation of the post-colonial society.
PO 3.Effective Communication:
  • Acquire the ability to speak, write, read and listen clearly in person and through electronic media in both English and in one Modern Indian Language
  • Learn to articulate, analyse, synthesise, and evaluate ideas and situations in a well informed manner.
  • Generate hypotheses and articulate assent or dissent by employing both reason and creative thinking.
PO 4.Interdisciplinarity:
  • Perceive knowledge as an organic, comprehensive, interrelated and integrated faculty of the human mind.
  • Understand the issues of environmental contexts and sustainable development as a basic interdisciplinary concern of all disciplines.
  • Develop aesthetic, social, humanistic and artistic sensibilities for problem solving and evolving a comprehensive perspective.

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO)-B.Sc Mathematics

PSO 1:

Understand the basic concepts and tools of Mathematical logic, Set  theory, Number     theory, Geometry, Calculus, Algebra, Abstract structures, Linear Algebra, Analysis, Laplace transforms, Fourier series, Graph theory, and Optimization and methods of proofs.

PSO 2:

Model real world problems into Mathematical problems and find solutions and understand the application of Mathematics in other Sciences and Engineering.